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Date vs. Competition Notes Home/Away Result
10th Sep 2017 Whetstone Wanderers Lions Bobby Moore div Home (Hive) lost
17th Sep 2017 Ac Finchley West Bobby Moore div Away Lost
24th Sep 2017 Whetstone Wanderers Pumas Bobby Moore Div Home (Hive) Lost
1st Oct 2017 Ac Finchley North Bobby Moore div Home (Hive) Lost
8th Oct 2017 Whetstone Wanderers Panthers Bobby Moore Div Away Lost
15th Oct 2017 Arsenal Ladies Bobby Moore div Home (Hive) Won
22nd Oct 2017 Edmonton Rangers Foxes Bobby Charlton Div Away Won
29th Oct 2017 Enfield Rangers Black Bobby Charlton Div Away Lost
5th Nov 2017 No game at mom Home (Hive) -
5th Nov 2017 Hadley Rangers Blue div ref is Refus Kent Away -
12th Nov 2017 Harvesters Coyotes Bobby Charlton div Home (Hive) Lost
19th Nov 2017 Hinton and Finchley Legends Bobby Charlton div Away Won
26th Nov 2017 APB FC Barnet Rams Bobby Charlton div Home (Hive) Lost
26th Nov 2017 Home (Hive) -
3rd Dec 2017 Croxley Green Black Bobby Charlton div Away Lost
10th Dec 2017 Oakhill Tigers Raiders Bobby Charlton Div Home (Hive) -
17th Dec 2017 Oakhill Tigers Raiders Bobby Charlton Div Away Lost
7th Jan 2018 No game at mom Home (Hive) -
7th Jan 2018 Turnsytles League No game at mom Away Lost
14th Jan 2018 Go Stars Home (Hive) Won
21st Jan 2018 Whetstone Wanderers Tigers Away -
28th Jan 2018 Honton And Finchley foxes Gordon Banks Div Away Won
4th Feb 2018 Belstone FC Black Gordon Banks Div Home (Hive) -
11th Feb 2018 HMH Avengers Gordon Banks Div Away -
18th Feb 2018 Oakhill Tigers League Home (Hive) Lost
25th Feb 2018 Home (Hive) -
4th Mar 2018 Home (Hive) -
11th Mar 2018 Hinton and Finchley Rev Gordon Banks Div Home (Hive) -
18th Mar 2018 Hadley Wood and Wingate Foxes Gordon Banks Div Home (Hive) -
25th Mar 2018 Hadleywood Gordon Banks Div Home (Hive) Lost
8th Apr 2018 Northwood Blues Gordon Banks Div Away Won
15th Apr 2018 Omonia White Gordon Banks Div No Ref at mom Home (Hive) -
22nd Apr 2018 WFL Challenge Cup Day All matches at Northwood FC Away -
29th Apr 2018 A C Finchley West Gordon Banks Div Away -
9th Sep 2018 Omonia White Blue Div Ref is Alfie Mack Home (Hive) Won
16th Sep 2018 Turnstyles Blue Div No ref at mom Away Won
23rd Sep 2018 Harrow Stars Blue Div Ref is Alfie Mack Home (Hive) Won - Harrow forfeited match
30th Sep 2018 West Herts Youth Stags Blue Dev Away Won
7th Oct 2018 MLL Green Blue Div Ref is Adam Lowe Home (Hive) Won
21st Oct 2018 AC Finchley West Blue Div Away Won
28th Oct 2018 Go Stars Blue Div Ref is Sam Goldstone Home (Hive) Won
4th Nov 2018 Oakhill Tiger Warriors Blue Div Away Won
11th Nov 2018 London Colney Colts White Blue Div Ref : Sam Goldstone Home (Hive) Won
18th Nov 2018 Colney Heath Magpies Blue Div Away Won
25th Nov 2018 Belstone FC Blue Div Ref : Saul Shimoni Home (Hive) Match postponed - Hive closure
2nd Dec 2018 Enfield Rangers Black White Div Home (Hive) Won
9th Dec 2018 Wingate & Finchley White Div Away Match Postponed - Weather
16th Dec 2018 London Colney Colts Red White Division Home (Hive) Drew
6th Jan 2019 Croxley Green Black White Div Ref: Alfie Hanson Home (Hive) Lost
13th Jan 2019 Borehamwood Youth Crusaders White Div Ref: Bob Browell Away Lost
20th Jan 2019 Alexandra Park Sth White Div Home (Hive) Lost

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