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Oliver D
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Taylor R
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Date vs. Competition Notes Home/Away Result
10th Sep 2017 St Albans Rangers Blue Blue Div Away 5 - 2
17th Sep 2017 HMH Dynamo League Cup Round 1 Ref is Josh Appleby Home (LBL) 0 - 2
24th Sep 2017 HMH Fire Challenge Cup Round 1 Ref is Guy Nehusthan Away -
1st Oct 2017 Whetstone Jags Blue div Home (LBL) -
8th Oct 2017 Brady White Blue Div Away -
15th Oct 2017 Harvesters North League Cup Rd 2 Home (LBL) -
22nd Oct 2017 No game at mom Home (Hive) -
29th Oct 2017 Hadley Rangers Blue Div ref is Guy Nehusthan Away -
5th Nov 2017 Edmonton Owls Challenge Cup Rd2 ref is Daniel Sherry Away -
12th Nov 2017 Alex Park West Blue div no ref at mom Home (LBL) -
19th Nov 2017 Norsemen Blue div no ref at mom Home (Hive) -
26th Nov 2017 Home (Hive) -
3rd Dec 2017 Whetstone Wanderers Jags Blue Div Away -
10th Dec 2017 Belstone Blue Div Ref is D Leach Away -
17th Dec 2017 Norseman Blue Div Ref is T Okechukwu Away -
7th Jan 2018 Home (Hive) -
14th Jan 2018 Home (Hive) -
21st Jan 2018 Home (Hive) -
28th Jan 2018 Enfield Rangers Spring Shield Grp B Ref Is T Okechukwu Away -
4th Feb 2018 Hadley Rangers Extension Blue Div ref is David Lando Home (LBL) -
11th Feb 2018 no game at mom Home (Hive) -
18th Feb 2018 No game at mom Home (Hive) -
25th Feb 2018 Alex Park West Blue div Away -
4th Mar 2018 West Herts Stags Blue Div Home (LBL) -
11th Mar 2018 Belstone Red Blue Div Ref is B Sweiry Home (LBL) -
18th Mar 2018 Norseman Blue Div Away -
25th Mar 2018 Alexandra Park South Blue div Ref is D Leach Home (LBL) -
8th Apr 2018 Belstone Red Blue Div Away -
15th Apr 2018 Brady White Blue Div R Lambert Home (LBL) -
9th Sep 2018 HMH Galaxy League Cup Rnd 1 Ref is Jayden Meranda Home (Hat) 2 - 3
16th Sep 2018 Enfield Rangers Green Div Ref is C Lucas Away -
23rd Sep 2018 Omonia Green Green Div Away 7 - 2
30th Sep 2018 St Albans City East Challenge Cup RD 1 Ref is Jayden Meranda Home (Hat) -
7th Oct 2018 Oakhill Tigers League Cup RD 2 Home (LBL) -
14th Oct 2018 Alex Park South Green Div Away -
21st Oct 2018 Whetstone Leopards Green Div Home (Hat) -
28th Oct 2018 HMH Fire Green Div Away -
4th Nov 2018 Omonia White Green Div Away -
11th Nov 2018 Alexandra Park North Green Div Away -
18th Nov 2018 HMH Galaxy Green Div Ref : Guy Nehustham Away -
2nd Dec 2018 Enfield Rangers Green Div Home (LBL) -
6th Jan 2019 Whetstone Green Div No ref at mom Away -
20th Jan 2019 Alexandra Park Nth Green Div Home (Hat) -

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